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1. I have recently finished the book and I loved it. It was a great book and an even better ending. The ending ended with a cliffhanger which can be annoying in some cases but in this case it just made me want to read the second book in the series, Patina, even more. [spoiler] It ended with Ghost at his first race and his mom, aunt, and cousin came to watch him run for the first time too. i liked it because it was like ghost has turned a new page in his life from being a bad kid at school to being a kid on a team with his family cheering for him. It was also like he turned a new page in his life because before his race Ghost went into his room for the first time since his dad tried to kill him and his mom. I really liked the ending even though it was a cliffhanger.


2. My friend read another book from Jason Reynolds and the our books have a lot of similarities. They both are about a teenaged African American boy living in a bad neighborhood and living with it. My friends book A Long Way Down is about a boy who's brother had recently gotten shot and was planning to kill his brothers suspected killer. On the elevator ride up to the person he was about to kill, the main character sees people from his life who have past away. That is similar to Ghost because they are both about facing your past, even the past you don't want to go back to. Ghost has to live with the past that his father tried to shoot him and his mother and the main character of A Long Way Down has to deal with his past friends who have lost their lives to the harsh life of living in a bad neighborhood. But these books are also different. A Long Way Down sells the point that living in a bad neighborhood can be hard more harshly than Ghost did. Ghost is more for younger kids than the teenaged reader A Long Way Down is for. They are both very different and similar books.


3. BookLikes can be a great site to find new books to read, especially when you are in need of a book, but aren't quite sure what book you want to read. There are many strategies of finding a new book on tis website, but this way is my favorite. Look up your favorite authors in the search bar and look at the authors book. You can see how many stars each book has and read the communities comments on the book. The website even gives a description of each book. Using this technique I found the book All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. I hope you find this technique useful and keep reading!